Retail EPoS


Looking for free EPoS software? Look no further! Why spend thousands on other inferior products when you can use our software suite for nothing! Try it - what have you got to lose?

Stock Control Manager and PCTill is a complete software suite for setting up a PC based EPoS system, and best of all, it is completely free!
Our software is designed to allow smaller retailers to move away from the older, inflexible PoS systems towards a powerful and integrated complete stock control and EPoS system without the financial outlay usually required for these systems. This system can be used on a single PC with a standard Windows printer, and expanded up to multiple PCs with dedicated receipt printers as and when required.
The software has designed and written from the ground up to be multiuser and scalable, and can support multiple tills and management stations. PCTill supports many barcode scanners, printers, and cash drawers.

Please see for supported hardware.

This site is being finalised, please accept our apologies until this site is ready.

Until this site is ready, all our freeware EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) software, including PCTill, Stock Control Manager (SCM), and Labeller are available for download at

This software was initially written for a jewellery retailer. It started off as a simple stock system back in the 1980s, running on MS-DOS based PCs. It has now grown into a complete stock control and EPoS system running on Windows. From the outset it was designed to be scalable, and can easily cope with multiple tills, so can grow with your business.

We firmly believe that as a business critcal system must be reliable, our software will only run under NT based versions of Windows (including NT4, Windows 2000, and Windows XP). We do not support Windows 95/98/Me, and have purposely coded this software not to run on these systems, simply because these operating systems are not stable enough for business critical applications.

23rd October 2021  18:07pm